Children's Home Society of California

For more than a century, Children’s Home Society of California (CHS) has adapted to the changing needs of children and families. Since 1891, CHS has worked diligently to protect our community’s children and strengthen their families through diverse programs and services.

At CHS, we view a child not in isolation, but in the context of each family’s health, stability, and resources. We believe that families are fundamentally strong and resilient. That is why CHS offers programs and services to build upon a family's inherent strengths so they can move toward self-sufficiency.

The mission of CHS is to reach out to children and families at risk with a range of services to ensure every child the opportunity to develop within a safe, healthy, and secure environment.

To fulfill our mission, CHS provides a variety of services to children and families in California and nationwide - working to improve their quality of life by offering vital informational, educational, and resource services, which include Community Education Services, Child Care and Development Services, and Family Resource Services. Along with helping children and their families, CHS is an expert resource for child care providers, other social service agencies, and government agencies at the local, state, and national level.




1300 West Fourth Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90017
United States
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