Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend an Education training?

PHP Education Department trainings are available to everyone at no cost.

Donations are gladly accepted. Sometimes we host trainings that do charge a fee; however, those charges are on a sliding scale, and families can ask for any fee to be waived.

Scholarships are currently available for low-income families to reimburse parents of children with disabilities to attend local trainings, support groups and/or conferences pertaining to disability related topics. These scholarships will cover conference fees, travel expenses, childcare, and lost wages up to $50/day. Please contact the Education Department for more scholarship information at (408) 727-5775.

How can I become a member of PHP?

You can become a member with a minimum donation of $50. Go to our Members Page, call the agency at (408) 727-5775, or become a member at any PHP event.

What are the opening times for the library and how many books and DVDs can I take out of the library?

The library is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. Non-members can check out 2 books or DVDs—members can check out 5.

Why is PHP a .com when it is a non-profit organization?

The agency bought a .com domain name years before the .org suffix was conceived or even available.