Learning Disability Simulation

What is an LD/ADD Simulation??
The Simulation Project is a hands-on workshop designed to increase awareness of the difficulties and frustrations children and adults with Learning Disability/Attention Deficit Disorders encounter every day.  The simulation leads to greater empathy and understanding and gives insight into working effectively with these individuals.  Teachers, administrators and parents get to experience what students with learning disabilities encounter each day.  Simulations focus on particular processing difficulties and model common child-parent-teacher interactions around that difficulty.

What happens at a Simulation?
The two-hour simulation is divided into three parts, a 10 minute introduction, the actual simulation, and then a 20 to 30 minute debriefing. Participants rotate through six Learning Stations, each of which simulates a school related processing deficit.  A facilitator for each station conducts the activity and 2 minute debriefing.  When all stations have been experienced, participants come together for a sharing of experiences, feelings and insights, led by the moderator.

What Do I Need to Host a Simulation?
PHP would be happy to set up a simulation for your school or community group.  The size of the training is flexible but we find trainings that have between 30 and 72 participants have the best experience. $275.00 is requested to cover the costs of materials and administration of the simulation.  The simulation is conducted in a room large enough to accommodate 6 tables which can seat 12 comfortably.

What is Next?
For an additional fee a follow-up to the Simulation (either the day of the Simulation or in the future) goes into facts about LD and what to do next.  A recognized professional from the community will give a presentation designed to enhance each participant's ability to utilize effective strategies for reaching and teaching children who learn differently.  We will conclude by brainstorming an on-site implementation plan to assure utilization of what has been learned.

How do I schedule a LD simulation?
Contact Steve Corelis, the "Sim Project" volunteer coordinator, at (408) 993-1794 or corelis@sbcglobal.net.  Then you can begin the process of signing up for this wonderful, enlightening experience.

How Else Can I Help?
You can also help us by becoming a volunteer facilitator; informing other groups in the community about the project; coordinating a simulation for your school or group; or by donating funds which will help us to further our efforts.

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