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Sibshops is a much needed program just for brothers and sisters of children with special needs. The goal of Sibshops is to address the needs of siblings by allowing them to share, play and learn with other children through relevant, age-appropriate fun activities in a safe, nurturing environment.

Adult Siblings visit 

Sibshops are held the second Saturday every month 10am to 1pm, except when specified in event listings.  No Sibshop in July or August. 

At a Sibshop, brothers and sisters will:

  • Meet other brothers and sisters of children with special needs
  • Have lots of fun
  • Eat Pizza
  • Talk about their experiences with others who really understand
  • Make new friends
  • Learn more about disabilities; and
  • Have some more fun!

Bring the completed Registration Form to the first sibshop of the school year!



PHP Sibshop doing Fall Activities

Excellent hand-out on siblings of children with special needs

Who attends Sibshops? Sibshops are for 8 to 12 year old brothers and sisters of children who have special needs.

Who sponsors Sibshops? Sibshops is a program of Parents Helping Parents but if you know of an organization that would like to help fund this program please let us know!

Who facilitates Sibshops? Sibshops are run by PHP staff and volunteers

What are Sibshops? Sibshops are a lively mixture of games, discussion, crafts and guest speakers. Participants should dress comfortably. We also provide lunch!

When and where are Sibshops? Sibshops will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. See the event listing on the right hand side of this page for future dates. Each Sibshop will be held at Parents Helping Parents, Sobrato Center for Nonprofits-San Jose, 1400 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 100.

Sounds great! How do I register? Please register online or call (408) 727-5775 for more details.

Live in San Mateo County and looking for Sibs Support?  

I Have Needs Too!
Supporting the Child Whose Sibling Has Special Needs

by Elizabeth Batson with help from the kids in the 2010-2011 Sibling Workshops at Parents Helping Parents.
Available at the PHP library and at Sibshops. 

What do you need to know about your other children? This article may shed some light: 

The SibNet Listserv is an online community for adult siblings around the world to share information and discuss issues of common interest. You can now join the SibNet group via Facebook as well as to subscribe go to

People who have a sibling with a mental health disorder are more likely to experience episodes of depression at some point in their lives, say researchers who analyzed four decades of data. Additionally, they found that people who have a sibling with low IQ are more likely to live near that brother or sister but to be somewhat emotionally detached from that sibling. The findings were reported in the Journal of Family Psychology. For more information go to

Tips for Adult Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities

Tips for Parents of Adolescent & Young Adult Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities 

SibTeen Yahoo Group 

Video List created by Sibs:

Great video about a boy and his sister, who has Down syndrome.

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