Families can borrow assistive technology tools to try at home!

*We are doing limited toolkit checkouts during COVID. Contact us to find out more! *

Checkout and return days are Monday through Thursday.

The following Assistive Technology tools are now available for loan:

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Thanks to the Yahoo! Employee Foundation for making this device available. The Livescribe Pen is a useful tool for students who have difficulty with note-taking. It allows them to record a class lecture and sync the audio to their handwritten notes.

Communication iPad

This device is funded by the Disability Communications Fund. Users can test a variety of communication apps, from simple to complex, on this device.  This tool can help individuals with communication difficulties express themselves, make choices, and be understood.

Communication Toolkit

This kit includes a variety of low to mid-range communication tools. It includes picture communication boards, GoTalks, a portable communication lanyard, choice boards, visual schedule strips and boards, simple recordable devices, and a binder filled with useful communication symbols. The kit is made possible by a generous grant from the Disability Communications Fund.

Sensory Toolkits

Explore tools such as compression vests, weighted lap pads, fidget tools, massagers, noise reduction headphones, and more. These tools can be used in the home or classroom.  Information and instructions are included on each product. All information and instructions are in English and Spanish!  Please request the appropriate kit for your needs: Child Kit = ages 4-12; Teen/Adult Kit = ages 13+. We thank Autism Speaks for funding this kit.

Early Literacy Toolkits (English/Spanish)

Each kit contains a storybook and adapted materials in both English and Spanish. The goal of these kits is to facilitate language, comprehension, and pre-literacy skills in young children with disabilities.  This early literacy kit is perfect for parents to use with their children. Teachers may also find these materials useful in the classroom.  Many thanks to the Saratoga Rotary for generously funding this project!

Learning Disabilities Toolkits

Explore an assistive technology toolkit for learning disabilities in your home or school for up to 3 weeks. The toolkit contains a wide variety of low-tech tools for reading, writing, and math. Items such as highlighter tape, writing guides, pencil grips, hand-held electronic dictionaries and more are included. Thanks to the Yahoo! Employee Foundation for making these kits a reality!

Math Toolkit

Try out a variety of low-tech math tools including a talking calculator, a fraction calculator, math manipulatives, specialized paper, writing utensils, color-coded rulers, and other visual aids.

The Low-Tech Early Communication Toolkit

Includes a variety of low-tech picture symbol boards, communication devices, and switches to try out with young children.

Toy Adaptation

Bring in your battery-operated toy to be adapted for switch use.