Has PHP been a go-to resource for you while your child was in school? PHP supports families with adult children as well!

There are ways to continue to connect with others who share your family’s path! This parent support and information group is led by some active parents who want to continue to collaborate while their child is in college.

It can be helpful for parents of students at the same colleges and universities to meet up with each other and share notes. This support and information group is for parents of incoming freshmen, current college parents, and (share your wisdom) alumni parents. All are welcome!

  • We get together to exchange information and ideas like:
  • What’s the general culture of the college (laidback, competitive, helpful, etc.)?
  • How strong is the student disability services office?
  • What are the additional support structures on campus: early dorm move-in, student retention program, TRIO office, autism@college?
  • What’s the dorm and housing situation?
  • What’s social life on campus like?
  • How hard is it to graduate (course offering schedules, credit rules and requirements, fees, etc.)?

And to problem-solve together:

  • My student is flunking out, now what?
  • My student can’t decide on a major, now what?
  • My student needs to transfer to a 4-year, now what?
  • My student is flailing and needs to take a medical leave, now what?

For parents of students attending community colleges and 4-year colleges, local or out of state.

Facilitated by experienced parents who want to volunteer and give back to the community and support families raising neurodiverse individuals. Join us!

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