It’s never too early to start exploring the many options available for transition to adulthood.

We understand how overwhelming and complex the transition to adulthood can be for individuals with any disability. Connections California is our solution to help YOU create the smoothest transition to adulthood possible!

While adulthood starts at age 18, technically speaking, if your child is as young as 14, you’ll still find important information in Connections California.

Connections California hub launching in 2022!

You’ll find a wealth of information in the Connections California hub. It will include important resources and information for planning for adulthood for individuals with disabilities. The hub will also contain information to help you make informed decisions. Think checklists, videos, events, and more!

Connections California will be a FREE statewide resource for families throughout California. And much of the information in Connections California will be applicable to anyone, anywhere!

Topics in the Connections California hub will include:

Continuing Education
Financial, Legal & Public Benefits
Health & Safety
Living Options
Self Advocacy

Our goal is to help you find the information you need easily!

Who can use Connections California? Anyone!

It doesn’t matter when you start connecting to information and options for adult transition, but the sooner the better for most families.  The hub will include a timeline of what to do when, based on an individual’s age and needs. So if your child is 14, Connections California will help you understand steps to take then, at age 15, 16, 17, and so on.

In addition, the content will be organized and presented into three plans based on the needs of the individual who is transitioning to adulthood. These three plans are:

A: Content applicable to any adult with any disability.
B: Content for individuals with I/DD who have long-term support needs.
C: Content for individuals on college/career pathways.

We are very excited to create this FREE centralized hub of resources and information on planning for adulthood for individuals with disabilities. Stay tuned for more information and the launch of Connections California in 2022!

Before Connections California fully takes off, be sure to access all of the existing PHP content on adult services and transition. You’ll find a large catalog of informative videos on adult topics and transition to adulthood in the PHP E-Learning Library. You can also find upcoming Connections California events here.

Sponsorship opportunities are available!

If you are a provider of disability services of any kind, including legal, therapeutic, housing, public benefits, and more, you may be the perfect partner with Connections California! Email Mark Fishler for information on how to become a sponsor today!