Want to connect with other families like yours in Hollister/San Benito County?

Join parents and caregivers of children with special needs at this casual, come-when-you-can, parent support group!  We discuss parenting, caring for, and educating your child in a way that meets THEIR needs.  Find support from other parents and caregivers and share your family’s knowledge and experience!  Topics vary based on the group’s needs and interests.  All are welcome at this meeting!

The need for support when raising a child with special needs is critical.  Share the day-to-day experiences with your child who has a diagnosis of autism, intellectual disability, seizure disorder, cerebral palsy, or any other condition.  It’s a great opportunity to connect and learn from each other over a cup of coffee.  The only agenda is yours!

We have two monthly meetings.  One meets at Mars Hill Coffeehouse and the other at San Benito High School.