Interested in knowing the Back-to-School plan for this Fall?

On July 20, 2020, Parents Helping Parents hosted a webinar with Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools.  PHP staff asks Dr. Dewan the most frequently asked questions from families raising children with special needs about back-to-school strategies for this fall during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Questions asked during this webinar:

  1. What will Santa Clara County schools look like for students in special education in the fall?
  2. How should NEW needs that have appeared during the shelter in place, like mental health, behaviors, academics, social, and functional needs be addressed?
  3. If a child is medically fragile, immunocompromised, and/or in a vulnerable category what options will they have when school reopens? Would they be allowed to continue to do distance learning?
  4. If a family has someone in their house that is medically fragile could their child continue with distance learning?
  5. If a child has regressed during shelter in place (example- child’s reading ability has gone backward or child is behind in meeting their IEP goals), how will the IEP team measure and address this?
  6. How are related services that are push in, like speech and language, or social skills groups going to be implemented if Distance Learning continues?
  7. During Shelter-in-Place, parents have reported that many things have been delayed or put on hold, such as meetings, services, and assessments (new request), or that an assessment was started but not completed. What can parents expect once the districts reopen?
  8. What would happen to a student’s IEP if the family wanted to continue distance learning for their daughter next year?
  9. If a student is traumatized or anxious because of the shelter in place and it affects their ability to learn what could a parent do?
  10. Should parents be proactive and include a plan for shelter in place for the coming year in their IEP? What other resources does Santa Clara County Office of Education have that parents should know about?
  11. What are suggestions that might help improve critical communications between a family and their school?
  12. How can parents contribute to the success of the coming school year?

Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) – Online Resources:

SCCOE Inclusion Collaborative Warmline – 408-453-6651 or email
This FREE service is available 8 hours per day and has the following language capabilities: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Korean. Support will be provided by answering questions, addressing concerns and providing social stories to support children’s understanding of ‘social distancing’, etc. Also available are alternative educational resources, support for flexible learning (media, etc.) and addressing individual needs for children with IEPs. Visual Support, individual schedules, etc. are also available. Visit the Inclusion Collaborative web site.

Dr. Mary Ann Dewan is the Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools, a role she assumed in February 2018.  She has over 30 years of experience in education including experience in early learning, special education, education reform, and change leadership.

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