Are you wondering how to help your high-functioning child who is struggling in school and/or life?

Tweens, teens, and young adults are supposed to naturally develop social and organizational competencies needed for life. However, students with social learning and organizational challenges (e.g. ASD Levels 1 and 2, ADHD, Twice Exceptional, Expressive Receptive Language Impaired, Sensory Dysregulation, etc.), don’t usually intuitively learn these concepts and skills.

In this webinar, Michelle Garcia Winner discusses four critical life skills, how parents can observe them in their children, and explore a few strategies for helping older children learn to help themselves.  These are the skills that will promote success for individuals after leaving the structured environment of formal schooling.

Click to download the presentation notes and handout shared at the PHP webinar on August 26, 2020.

Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP; CEO & Founder of Social Thinking’s® Methodology which provides treatment frameworks and practical strategies for individuals with social learning challenges. She is a prolific author, speaks internationally, and is a creative clinician who specializes in the needs of tweens, teens, and adults.  Explore more resources and training opportunities, including free webinars and articles, at

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