August 3, 2021 10:00 AM to 11:30 am

DATA: How to collect and share data with your IEP Team!

Data? Learn how to convert your observations on what’s working at home and what’s NOT working at home into data.  Data drives services. Sharing data can create a stronger support team for your child. Parents provide an important contribution to data collecting. Learn how to collect and communicate data to your team. Join us to learn how to become an effective data contributor at your meetings.
This workshop is presented in partnership with: Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU), Parents Helping Parents, and Matrix Parent Network.

Accommodations: If you need accommodations to participate in the training, please contact Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU) as soon as possible. We generally need 10 days to arrange accommodations and we want to make sure you are included!

Your registration data will be collected by Exceptional Parents Unlimited, Matrix and/or Parents Helping Parents Inc.  Privacy and confidentiality are taken seriously by all agencies, the privacy policy is on the websites.

This project is a joint collaboration between Exceptional Parents Unlimited, Parents Helping Parents, and Matrix Parent Network.

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