October 13, 2018 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

This Parents Helping Parents group is for people who use Facilitated
Communication (FC) as their main way of communicating with the world.
We have been meeting together since January 2006.

“In the group we talk about whatever anyone wants to talk about. The
conversations are usually interesting and inspiring. I especially
enjoy meeting other Facilitated Communication users and talking to them
about how their lives are going for them.” –Tyler, FC user, Santa
Cruz, CA.

“I think this group provides the FC users a great way to meet each
other and talk and find out more about each other and the struggles. I
really feel good during the meeting because only the FC users are
talking and the facilitators are mostly quiet. I get a lot out of
listening to everyone talk and I like talking. I really want to learn
how to use my own voice and turn off the lightwriter voice. I
encourage more FC users to come and find out what this group is like.
I hope to meet more FC users in the future. I hope we can get more
girls to come.” –Daniel, FC user, Sunnyvale, CA.

If you are a “newcomer” to the group, confirmed reservations are
required in order to attend. To reserve your space please leave a
message with your name and phone number at PHP (408-727-5775.) The
group facilitator will contact you.

For more information on Facilitated Communication: Facilitated Communication Institute http://soeweb.syr.edu/thefci

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