February 14, 2020 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Training funded by CCS (California Children’s Services)

IHSS is available only to individuals with Medi-Cal, including the Medicaid Waiver available from the Regional Center called Institutional Deeming. Your child may be living at home with you or in their own home to be eligible for this public benefit; they may not be living in a group home. You might even be paid as the provider of their services.  

Younger children may be eligible however it is easier to demonstrate the need for older children.

You will receive an introduction and overview of IHSS with a special focus on establishing the need for protective supervision.

If your child already receives IHSS—is she/he receiving all the hours to which she/he is entitled and necessary? Services provided are based on needs, and may include:

  • domestic services (vacuuming, dusting, etc.)
  • related services (meal preparation, shopping, running errands, etc.)
  • non-medical personal care services (bowel and bladder care, grooming, bathing, etc.)
  • transportation
  • yard hazard abatement
  • protective supervision

Please attend FRAGRANCE-FREE (so the presenter doesn’t wheeze or sneeze) and RSVP so we make enough materials but don’t waste trees.

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