December 8, 2018 10am to 12pm

A family-centered profile is a one page document that captures the essence of your family. It includes your family’s strengths, supports and needs. It is a way to introduce your family dynamics to your child’s Early Interventionist, Pediatrician, Preschool teacher and other caregivers.

Each profile contains 4 key areas: What you consider the strengths of your family; What you do to help your child develop and learn; What are your formal and informal supports; and What are your desired supports, activities and services.

This provides specific details in each area so that the people caring for your child have easy to read and valuable information.  They can then connect with, respond and support you in a way that works for your child and your family. This can be included as part of your IFSP document.

Family-centered care assures the health and well-being of children and their families through a respectful family-professional partnership. It honors the strengths, cultures, traditions and expertise that everyone brings to this relationship. Family-Centered Care is the standard of practice which results in high quality services.

Participants will leave the workshop having developed a plan to positively introduce their child or client in a way that will achieve more personalized and effective results for their care.

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