September 16, 2021 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Are you a parent of a child 0-to-5-years old with delays or a disability? Would you like to connect with other parents who are powering through this journey? Join us, let’s talk about parenting. PHP´s Parent Café is a support group for parents of young children with delays or special needs. This month our group conversation will focus on parental resilience, our capacity to be strong but flexible, to bounce back after adversity. You will find support from other parents in the group. Join us! Together we can be “Stronger”!  You are not alone! Connect with others, and let’s talk!

What is a Parent Cafe?
Parent Cafes are safe spaces for parents and caregivers to relax, reflect, and talk about the joys and challenges of raising a family. Parent Cafes are judgment-free zones where we share experiences and resources while learning from one another. Cafes look to parents and caregivers as leaders and experts in their own lives. You will be able to meet other parents of young children with delays or disabilities in small, confidential Breakout rooms, as well as in a larger meeting room, and comfortably learn and share from each other. Parents explore their strengths and learn about the Be Strong, Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors. Inspired by their own wisdom and experiences parents will create strategies to help strengthen their families. Participants will feel inspired, energized, and excited to put into practice what they’ve learned!

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Funded in part by a grant from DDS

CA Department of Developmental Services

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