June 28, 2018 9:30am to 12:30pm

A one-page profile is a single page of information that captures the important information about a person; including what is important to them, what people appreciate about them, and how they want to be supported. One person may have many one-page profiles. For instance, one to introduce them to new caregivers, one for the doctor’s office, another for school or other services.

Each profile contains at least 3 areas: What people like and admire about the individual; What is important to the person; and what good support looks like for the person.

This provides specific information in each area so that people caring for the individual have easy to read and valuable information on how to connect with, respond and support the individual in a way that works for the person being supported.

The one-page profiles are founded in person centered planning approaches and uses person centered thinking. Thus a foundation of person centered thinking is provided at this training.

Participants will leave with a plan that they believe will positively introduce their child or client that will achieve more personalized and effective results for their care.

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