April 16, 2019 09:30 AM to 04:30 PM

April 16 & 23, 2019

You may not attend the Day 2 without attending Day 1.  

Participants will develop skills in person-centered thinking through a series of discussions, applied stories, and guided exercises. You will leave with a foundation for person centered planning.

Person Centered Thinking (PCT) is the first and fundamental training providing participants with the basic knowledge on how to facilitate the use of the skills and tools to support others. Participants will develop their own descriptions using the skills and tools. Changing your thinking is the first step to person centered planning.

This training offers 12-hours of learning and practicing how to use a variety of skills to discover information to support someone to have a better life.

The skills offer specific methods to discover information that identifies what is important to a person and what is important for a person. It is this discovery process that leads to finding the balance between important to and for which serves as the basis to create a description of a person that leads to action planning. The tools of discovery were developed by Michael Smull and the Learning Community to support people to get better lives…not just better plans.

About the trainer: Trudy Marsh Grable, a Person Centered Thinking Trainer, credentialed by The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices, conducts the training. She has a 28-year career at Parents Helping Parents. The past 14 years as the Director of Community and Family Services. Trudy owns and operates a supported living agency and she founded “The BFF Project” in 2014. 

Parents of Regional Center Clients may request funding to attend this conference.
Contact your child’s service coordinator to request this. Provide the following information: 

Maximum attendance 25 attendees

PHP’s SARC Vendor # ZS0105
Service Code: 102 Individual & Parent Training

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