August 8, 2018 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

More and more teens and young adults are turning to the internet for their friendships and relational needs, and it is only natural that they will seek out information about sex and potential partners online. A virtual chastity belt, by locking down sites and access, is a losing battle, and does not teach teens what they need to know about safety, trafficking, human dignity, respect and healthy relationships – on and offline.

Topics for this 2-hour seminar include:

  • Online dating and safety
  • Dating scammers
  • The realities of pornography and your brain
  • The Gamergate and Incel movements
  • The lasting effect of your digital footprint
  • Building healthy IRL relationships
  • How to get help

Please note: Be advised that this seminar will contain explicit discussion of sex and sexuality, which in our opinion is suitable for this age group (14-20) for instruction and safety.

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