February 23, 2021 4:00 PM Pacific time to 5:00 PM Pacific time

Once a month, our team at Digging Deep hosts a free webinar for medical professionals and parents where we show them ways to help the teens or young adults in their lives take charge of their mental health. This year has been ROUGH for a lot of us, so for this month’s event we wanted to do something different and extra fun to do over the holiday break. This month is for the teens and young adults!

Join us for our first ever Virtual Graffiti Night! You might have already been to a social painting event before, but we are doing things a little differently for ours. Instead of painting with paints on canvas, we are going to be painting in the Shadow’s Edge game! This live stream event will be led by the community manager of Shadow’s Edge, Lacey Vernon.

All you need is a device to play the game on (Shadow’s Edge is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices), to have the game downloaded and played for a little bit, and a way to watch our live video stream (separately from your device you will be playing the game on)!

Shadow’s Edge is a free mental health game that was designed for teens and young adults facing any type of health challenge – whether it be cancer, a chronic illness, or a mental health challenge like depression or anxiety. Since the rise of COVID-19, we have seen our audience naturally expand to include young people looking to take care of their mental health as they are struggling through what we all are facing.

Sign up slots are limited, so be sure to sign us as soon as possible! We hope to see you there!

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