March 30, 2020 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Need ideas and resources to keep your sanity?

We are all in unchartered waters today.  Parents are facing stress on many levels.  Yet we need to find the reserves to cope so that we can be there for our children and family.    Join, Laura Beth DeHority/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Cindi Savelli/PHP support group facilitator, for this online support group held on Zoom.  This is a time to connect and learn from each other as well.

  • Laura Beth is actively involved at PHP.  She facilitates our Sibling Support programs and will be doing an in-person group therapy series when things are back to normal.
  • Cindi is the co-facilitator currently for PHP’s parent support group Paths to Positive Adulting, and the previous facilitator for PHP’s Anxiety/Mood Disorders support group.

If you haven’t used Zoom, it’s free and easy.  You can join by phone, tablet, or computer.  The experience is almost like being in the same room!

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