December 8, 2021 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

The Sparrows is a once-a-week gathering for older teenagers and adults with special needs and their caregivers. We meet every Wednesday morning online from 10am to 11:00am (Pacific Time). Every week our students take turns to serve, as we believe everyone is able-bodied and can serve each other.

In the school year (September to May), the morning begins with listening to the wonderful stories in the Bible, followed by singing worship songs and hymns, and group activities. On certain weeks, we celebrate our students’ birthdays, and holidays.

The Sparrows class provides opportunities for adults with special needs to learn God’s Word according to their learning styles. Sparrows is geared for individuals with all different functioning levels.  We modified our programs to meet individual learning styles.

We are building a community not only for our young adults but also for the caregivers too.

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