May 17, 2019 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM

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Poco Hor: The Sometimes Forgotten Tools of Caring

Is it possible to reduce problem behavior by creating places of welcome and respect? This workshop suggests that how we interact with others determines how they interact with us. It also will suggest that ‘compassion’ is a set of skills, not an emotion.

 Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others.

Though we use a variety of clinical tools to support people with disabilities, the field was intended to be based on compassionate care. Yet with the demands of the job, staff may be tempted towards anger and impatience when someone with a disability has need of their time or attention. We built a service system to support people with disabilities and yet sometimes it seems that we spend more time supporting the system than we do supporting people with disabilities.

This workshop is practical as it revisits the skills of caring. Someone once said that every person who has a behavior problem is wearing a tee shirt that says ‘notice me’, trouble is that no one reads the shirt. Noticing, caring and responding, may be exactly what’s needed to create environments wherein behavior outbursts aren’t necessary, where attention seeking isn’t needed.

A perfect workshop for staff who want to ensure that they are giving quality care and that they still have a passion for compassion. There will be lots of time for discussion and questions.  

Biography: Dave Hingsburger, M.Ed., is a well-known author and lecturer and a sexuality counselor for people with developmental disabilities. He has provided direct care to people with intellectual disabilities throughout his career. Dave has worked for over 30 years with people with intellectual disabilities. He has worked in a variety of positions during that time but has always worked directly with people with disabilities in some capacity. At present, he is the Director of Clinical and Educational Supports at Vita Community Living Services in Toronto.

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