December 12, 2019 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

At Open Doors Therapy, we specialize in social skills groups for teens and adults with autism or autistic traits. Most of our clients have difficulty making and keeping friends, feel lonely, are anxious about starting conversations, and have a hard time reading social cues. These issues impact them at school, work, home, and other settings. Our clients may have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or a former diagnosis of Asperger’s, or do not have a formal diagnosis but are neurodiverse with autistic traits. Even though our clients have many strengths and are bright or even gifted, they are needing support to improve their social abilities.

We provide our clients with training in social communication skills to help them develop friendships, reduce loneliness, and learn how to better navigate social interactions at work, school and other settings. We help our clients gain strategies to manage social anxiety, so they can feel more comfortable and confident in social interactions.

In a group, clients are paired together with other neurodiverse peers who are in a similar stage of life. We offer a youth group for teens who are college-bound, a group for college students, and a group for working professionals. The groups are led by a mental health expert on autism. The supportive and encouraging environment of a group enables clients to share and bond over their common struggles and life experiences. Clients feel a sense of acceptance and belonging, creating a safe place to learn about themselves and grow.

To help you learn more about these upcoming groups, we will be offering a webinar-based information session. The 30-min session will provide you with information about the different groups and will have time for Q&A. To register for this webinar, please email us.

Groups are held weekly. Our next round of groups start in January and February 2020, and last up to 20 weeks. Groups are held in our Palo Alto office.


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