September 17, 2020 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Frustrated with how services are being delivered? Struggling with knowing how to balance your time? Wondering if you are doing enough to help your child make progress? Right now, many parents are stuck in worry, anxiety and overwhelm – and what they really want is certainty, to know that things will get better, and peace of mind that their child will grow up and live a happy, independent life.

Come… join our weekly, complimentary LIVE parent support and discussion group (online) and be surrounded by a community of parents and family members who understand the journey you’re on with your child with special needs. We might all be weathering the same storm (COVID-19) but wouldn’t you agree that not everyone is in the same boat with the same issues and resources? (Especially right now!)

Join the discussion to help face your fears, frustrations and the uncertainty you feel as a parent dealing with the stress, overwhelm and day to day challenges that are unique to families dealing with special needs. Now is the time to arm yourself with the resources and tools to get back into a state of peace, joy, love and connection.

Gain new perspectives and advice from other parents who “get it” and also from an experienced Special Needs Expert who has been supporting special needs families in the community for almost 30 years. New parents are joining each week! Isn’t it time you find a place you can freely talk about your child, your emotions, and your worries and get the guidance, answers, and support you have been searching for?


STEP 2 – Once registered, you will receive the link on how to join the meeting at the scheduled time. (Save it in your calendar for easy access). You must register for EACH group you plan to attend by checking the box for the group(s) you can make. We meet weekly from 4-5pm (Pacific Time) and parents, grandparents and guardians are attending regularly.

What are you waiting for?

Kindly share this with anyone in your world – family, friends, groups you belong to, special needs therapists and teachers – because it just might reach someone at the exact right moment in time that they are searching for support and community. This group is for parents and family members that have children with special needs (of all ages and abilities) and is complimentary.

(A Note to Service Providers & Professionals: This group is intended to be a support, discussion and educational group for PARENTS and FAMILY MEMBERS only – not to sell your services. As such, we ask that you please respect our members privacy and refrain from attending these meetings unless you are asked to participate as a guest speaker with an approved, parent desired topic. Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss the possibility of being a speaker or sponsor. All parents of children with special needs, some kind of delay, or parents that are worried about their children are welcome to attend!)

Questions about the group? Don’t hesitate to direct message, text, or email me.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Founder, Developmental Specialist, Parent Coach & Group Facilitator
Special Advantage

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