Parents Helping Parents presents the First 5 Special Topics Workshops.

Who should attend these workshops?

Parents and professionals working with children 0-5 with special needs.  This workshop series which is funded in part by First 5 Santa Clara County.

Partner Special Needs Training Series: Basic Training

This workshop introduces participants how to work with families with very young children who have known or suspected special needs. Parental grief, effective listening, talking with parents, and natural supports are covered in this workshop. Also discussed is inclusion and resiliency, and IFSP/transition to IEP. PHP programs and services, and Early Start Services are also outlined in this workshop.

The Learning Disability Simulation

This workshop demonstrates what it’s like to struggle or feel different. It is intended for FIRST 5 partners, such as home visitors, child care and preschool providers, family resource staff, and other community professionals.

Partner Special Needs Training Series: Intermediate Training

This workshop is a more in-depth presentation of how to work with families in crisis. Here, you will learn more about supporting parents who are resistant to hearing and/or accepting their child’s challenges. You will also gain additional knowledge in areas helpful to working with very young children and their families.

Special Topics in Special Needs (STSN) Training

This workshop meets the needs of FIRST 5 therapeutic service providers working with children 0-5. The intermediate/advanced disability-specific training event is also open to other professionals and parents.

Notice of these events is circulated through FIRST 5 channels and posted to the PHP Calendar.

Registration is required.

Certificates of attendance are issued to professionals at the end of each workshop. These certificates indicate hours earned toward the Infant Family Early Childhood Mental Health Guidelines.