Neurodiverse means more than autism these days; it also includes ADHD, learning differences, gifted, anxiety and mood disorders, etc.

This support and information group is for neurodiverse adults who are looking for camaraderie or friendship in a safe and relaxed space. The group is a place to learn, grow, exchange, and support each other. Like most PHP support and information groups, there’s also an element of education and self-improvement. We attend useful webinars or workshops and come back together to discuss them. The goal is to support each other to successfully weather the ebb and flow of wins, setbacks, and societal/economic changes related to our relationships, school and/or work lives. Safety and maintaining everyone’s good health are priorities.

Join NA-SIG and we’ll let you know about other upcoming neurodiversity-related webinars and workshops, too.

Let’s Meet Up! Our meetings are on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Facilitated by neurodiverse adults and parents who want to volunteer and give back to the community and support neurodiverse individuals to follow their dreams.

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