PHPs’ Disparity Reduction Project is committed to embracing diversity and providing culturally competent services to ALL families in our community raising children with special needs, regardless of race, ethnicity, language, socio-economic or immigration status, sexual orientation, age, and diagnosis.

The goals of the Disparity Project are: 

  • To provide focused education, support, and information to underserved populations in our region, particularly Hispanic, Asian, African/African, and communities where English is not the primary language.  
  • To increase the level and frequency of Regional Center services to these underserved communities.

Individuals age 3 and older who are San Andreas Regional Center clients are the focus of Disparity Project training, workshops, support groups, and information.

The Parents Helping Parents Disparity Project is part of a state-wide collaboration of California community-based organizations and the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS), a state agency.

The Parents Helping Parents Disparity Project is committed to providing:

  • Culturally competent staff to help with your concerns over the phone or via video conference
  • Monthly workshops in your language, or simultaneously translated to Spanish and Vietnamese
  • Person-Centered Planning workshops in Spanish and English 
  • Conferences on important and relevant topics, featuring simultaneous translation into Spanish and Vietnamese. Topics include self-determination, sexuality, specific conditions, and many regional center-related services.
  • Orientations and 1:1 support on regional center processes, including intake and how to prepare for the transition to adulthood in the regional center system
  • Multi-language videos that are relevant to Regional Center families
  • Support groups in Spanish and Vietnamese 
  • Partnerships with related organizations, like Somos Mayfair, Unity Care, and others

(If you want more information on how to access the regional center and its services contact us.)