Sibshops is a much-needed program for brothers and sisters of children with special needs.

until we can safely meet again in person. 

The goal of Sibshops is to address the needs of siblings by allowing them to share, play and learn with other children through age-appropriate fun activities. We try to provide a safe, nurturing environment and a therapeutic component.  Here, brothers and sisters meet other brothers and sisters of children with special needs. They have fun making crafts and playing games. They talk about their experiences with their peers who know what it’s really like to have a sibling with a disability. Children are in a safe, nurturing environment, with a therapeutic component at the session.  

Hear what Laura Beth DeHority, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and co-leads the program with PHP staff,  shares about Sibshops.

We offer 2 age groups for Sibshops:

  • Siblings 8-12 years old
  • Siblings 5-7 years old (This group is on hold until we can meet in person.)

A couple of things we ask:

  • Register your child for each Sibshop.  Registration can be completed using our website.  Access is available from the calendar in the Helpful Information on the page.
  • Please arrive on-time, the beginning of each session is important for setting expectations to create a safe learning environment for all participants.

We are currently holding SibShops on Zoom and there is no cost.