Attend the Special Education Basics, 3-hour training, as a first step to learning about special education rights.

Attend if:
• You suspect your child/student has special needs
• You have not attended a training on special education
• You need a refresher on the basics of special education
• If you are a parent, family member, student or professional

You will learn about:
• The basic process of how to request assessment
• The assessment process
• Parents right to be involved in the process
• Eligibility for special education
• Contents of the Individualized Education Program [IEP]
• Your child’s right to a free appropriate public education
• IEP Goals
• IEP Related Services
• Least Restrictive Environment [LRE]
• Resolving disagreements
• Effective communication

The last thirty minutes will be for questions and answers. Once you have attended this training we suggest you attend the Education Advocacy Workshops for a more in depth training.