Having a Parent Partner is at the heart of Parents Helping Parents programs and services for families with children ages 0-5.

“The Parent Partner is amazing and is helping me on a lot of topics. Thanks to you for connecting her with me. I am grateful.”

When families connect, they are part of a larger community of support and inspiration. Parent Partners are often a very positive source of kinship during times of stress or uncertainty.  Connecting with, and learning from other parents is what we are all about.  We’ve been linking parents to other parents for 40 years.

Through our Parent Partner Program, for families with children ages 0-5, you can be paired with an experienced, volunteer parent who has a child with special needs. They will share emotional support and their personal experience with you. all when you need it most. You may also learn about resources in the community and receive guidance through this parent-to-parent relationship.  We work hard to match you with parents whose children have a similar diagnosis, age child, culture, school district, and more. This parent-to-parent support is for you, the parent.

If you are primarily interested in looking for finding friends for your child, contact Parents Helping Parents at info@php.com, and we can direct you to different inclusive recreational activities that would provide the opportunity for your child to make friends.  If your child is older, and you are looking for understanding, support and information, please also contact PHP staff at info@php.com.  Since 90% of us are parents of special needs children, our knowledge runs deep!

Fill out this form if you want to connect with a parent partner. We can only match mentor parents for families who live in the South Bay Area and surrounding communities.