The BFF Project is changing!
We now offer six-week sessions throughout the year.

Registration is REQUIRED for each session and is limited to a total of 30 participants. Read on for more information…

Are you looking for a place to meet people and make friends?

If you are 18 or older, this unique program from Parents Helping Parents may be an opportunity for you!

The BFF Project is an adult, friendship and social network building group for individuals 18+ with developmental disabilities (like autism and Down syndrome) and other medical conditions (like anxiety and depression). The BFF Project gives participants an opportunity to increase their social connections and friendships in a relaxed, person-centered, and non-stressful manner.

Many individuals with developmental disabilities and other medical conditions find it challenging to establish meaningful friendships and companionship with their peers. They watch TV alone, eat alone, and go to bed alone. They are there with their family, or group/house-mates, with little in common. They have no one to chat with on the phone and no one to call their BFF.

The BFF Project strives to change this reality for participants. At The BFF Project meetings, participants can connect with others who are like them, who share similar interests, and who may have similar dreams and goals.

The BFF Project is all about what an individual likes and enjoys! We work hard to provide the tools and support necessary to help participants identify like-minded friends in a comfortable, no-pressure manner. There is no pressure to participate until someone is ready. Some who have attended The BFF Project meetings are quiet and observant during their first meeting, then at their second or third meeting, they blossom into social butterflies!

First-time Participant?

You can expect a warm welcome from your first log-in! There are introductions, a question of the day to break the ice, and an opportunity to join 3 different breakout rooms. Each breakout room focuses on participant-chosen topics (like Disney characters, cooking, painting, dating, and more) and lasts about 30 minutes. The BFF Project meetings end with a group goodbye!

During The BFF Project meetings, dedicated volunteers are present to support participants and to facilitate interaction with the group. Parents and supporters are welcome to join participants at meetings but do not actively participate. If your participant is only able to be at ease with you at their side, we welcome you to join as well! Otherwise, we ask supporters to remain nearby and be available during the event.

The majority of individuals attending The BFF Project meetings need no support to participate. Participants are ready to make connections with others who share their interests. Participants are also encouraged to share items of interest with the group. This may help increase a participant’s comfort level, thereby fostering more personal interaction with other participants.

If you think The BFF Project is a good match for you, or your loved one with a developmental disability or other medical condition, complete the registration packet today! 

View this video for a taste of our meetings that, prior to the pandemic, were held in person. We are currently meeting virtually and have more participation than ever! 

We take mental health issues seriously at Parents Helping Parents. The BFF Project is a social group and should not be considered therapy, mental health counseling, or intervention, or to be used as a means to receive professional support. If your son or daughter has mental health support needs, we recommend NAMI of Santa Clara County or the county in which you live. The PHP Resource Directory includes a listing of mental health professionals that may be helpful for you. 

Volunteers are needed to participate in our meetings!

We are looking for adults to become mentors to help facilitate breakout sessions during the events.  Training is available.  For more information, contact