Parents Helping Parents iTECH Center offers a variety of training and workshops on assistive technology.

You can attend lecture style, customized, and online training in assistive technology.  Our skilled Assistive Technology Specialists regularly present at state and national conferences on a variety of assistive technology topics. We offer customized, large-group training to parents, educators, and community agencies. These interactive trainings take place off-site or at PHP, and may include a PowerPoint presentation, lecture and demonstration of AT tools.

Assistive Technology Training and Workshops cover topics such as:

  • Overview of Assistive Technology (laws, definitions, consideration process,
    general overview of tools) (Eng/Spanish)
  •  Consideration, Assessment, and Implementation of Assistive Technology
  •  Technology for Infants and Pre-Schoolers (Eng/Spanish)
  •  Assistive Technology in Early Literacy: Learning For All
  •  Overview of Communication Tools: Low to Mid-Tech
  •  Assistive Technology for Reading, Writing & NoteTaking: Low-High Tech
  •  AT Math Tools: Low-High Tech
  •  Assistive Technology for Executive Function: Low-High Tech (Organization,
    reminding, focusing, auditory and visual processing)
  •  iPad 101
  •  iPad Apps for Communication (all ages/levels)
  •  iPad Apps for Early Learners (Eng/ Spanish)
  •  iPad Apps for Visual Learners
  •  iPad Apps for Reading, Writing, Math, Organization
  •  Chrome Apps, Extensions and Add-ons for Reading, Writing, Math, and organization
  •  AT Tools for College Success
  •  Computer Access Tools
  •  Sensory Tools
  •  Life-Skills Tools for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
  •  AT & Transition: What Happens After High School

Don’t see it here?  Ask about a customized training.

We also offer small-group training for professionals. These sessions are more in-depth and include hands-on opportunities with specific tools and software.

For a customized 1:1 service, please visit our Techsploration page.

Contact us for fees and information to customize your training session for your parent group, professional organization or school district.

Also, check out our e-Learning site, and our YouTube channel, for additional video trainings.