Early Intervention for Infants & Toddlers 0-36 Months

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    Because all babies and toddlers are different, they rarely do the same thing at exactly the same age. As a result, it is not unusual for families to have questions or concerns about their child's development. You may wonder...

    Why isn't my baby sitting up?

    Why isn't my baby crawling?

    Why can't anyone understand what my baby is saying?

    Is my child's hearing/vision normal?

    It's important to keep in mind that all children develop differently and at their own pace; however if your concerns about your child's development persist, call your health care provider, community health clinic or Public Health Nurse to inquire about an evaluation for your child.

    You know your child's abilities, personality and frustrations. Yet, you may not have the information or expertise you need to effectively assist your child's growth and development. By working closely with families, early intervention professionals and family resource center staff can help parents address their concerns, identify needs and resources to address those needs, and set a course of action.

    If you are concerned about your child's development, the first step is to have your child referred for an assessment. You can refer your child directly to the early intervention program in your county, or you can have your child's physician or another professional make the referral for you. 

    Every state has an early intervention program serving eligible families with children from birth to their third birthday. In California this program is called Early Start.  Parents Helping Parents serves as the Family Resource Center for for Early Start families in Santa Clara County.


    1.  Living in Santa Clara County, California?   Call 1-800-404-5900 to make a referral to Early Start.  

    2.  Living in a different California county?  You can find your county's Early Start program and Family Resource Center in the Central Directory of Early Start Resources.  Look in the County section.  The Regional Center is the lead agency for Early Start.  The Family Resource Center can provide support and information.  http://www.dds.ca.gov/EarlyStart/docs/central_directory.pdf      Or call 1-800-515-2229 .

    3.  Living outside of California?  Find your Parent Center for assistance in locating your state's early intervention program.  Center for Parent Information and Resources http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center/  

    You may call your FRC when you first have concerns about your child or at any time during  intake, evaluation or service by your early intervention program.  Parents Helping Parents and the other FRCs understand the needs of parents in the sometimes confusing process. FRC staff are glad to listen, to provide support and information, and to answer your questions.    

    Parents Helping Parents is the state-designated Family Resource Center for Santa Clara County families in Early Start.  

    (408) 727-5775,info @php.com 

    PHP programs and services include: 

  • Baby Gift Program (up to 12 months old) 
  • Monthly Integrated Playgroup See video clip
  • Information and Training about Early Start & Special Education
  • Support & Information Groups, Parent Coffees, Sharing the Journey workshops
  • Support parent matching
  • Lending Library
  • Resources and an Online Resource Directory
  • Sibling Groups
  • Assistive Technology


    Early Intervention is a system of coordinated services that promotes the child's growth and development and that supports families during the critical early years.  

    Eligible children include infants or toddlers, 0-36 months old, when there is a significant delay in one or more areas of development, or when the infant/toddler has an established risk condition or significant developmental disability, or when the infant/toddler has two or more biomedical risk factors. 

    Early Start services are individualized and may include periodic monitoring, early interventionist home visits, and speech, occupational, and physical therapy.  The main partners and providers of Early Start Services in Santa Clara County are San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) and Santa Clara County Office of Education. 

    Why Participate in Early Start?  
    Research shows that participation in family-centered, early intervention services during the first three years of life can have significant effects on the cognitive development and social adjustment of low birthweight, premature children and on the overall development of young children with disabilities. Early intervention services delivered within the context of the family can: 

    •improve both developmental and educational gains;

    •reduce future costs of special education, rehabilitation and health care needs;

    •reduce feelings of isolation, stress and frustration that families may experience; and

    •help children with developmental delays or disabilities grow up to become productive, independent individuals.

    For more information on Early Start visit http://www.dds.ca.gov/EarlyStart/home.cfm 

    The booklet Starting Out Together offers more information:  http://www.dds.ca.gov/EarlyStart/RM_Outreach.cfm#7

    Which California and Santa Clara County agencies provide early intervention?  

    The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is the lead agency for California's Early Start program. http://www.dds.ca.gov/EarlyStart/WhatsES.cfm The website includes information about: 

    •the regional center and family resource center/network in each county 

    •parents' rights

    •information about and links to the federal and state statutes that govern Early Start

    •Resources include the Starting Out Together booklet for parents.

    San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) is a community-based California state-funded program designed to serve persons with developmental disabilities, including children and families who are eligible for the Early Start program. It is a private, non-profit corporation under contract for provision of services through the California Department of Developmental Services. SARC serves Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties. Some Early Start services are provided under SARC through vendored private programs.


    The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) website includes district and school information for Santa Clara County, a link to DataQuest (California Department of Education School Data, and legislative updates. In Santa Clara County SCCOE provides services to some Early Start families. 


    Family Resource Center Network of California (FRCNCA) 

    The mission of the FRCNCA is to support families of children with disabilities, special healthcare needs, and those at risk by ensuring the continuance, expansion, promotion and quality of family-centered, parent-directed, family resource centers.   http://www.frcnca.org/     


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