Are you worried about your child’s development? Is your child diagnosed with a disability or are you concerned they may have a developmental delay? 

If you are feeling alone or unsure, and want to connect with other parents in a similar situation, join PHP´s Early Childhood support group. Group sessions are focused on a different theme each month. These themes can help build an understanding of healthy parenting practices for you and your entire family.

The early childhood years are a busy time. You are not alone! Connecting with others can help make this journey so much smoother.

How are the sessions planned? 

PHP support groups are safe spaces for parents and caregivers to relax, reflect, and talk about the joys and challenges of raising a family.

You’ll find a confidential, judgment-free zone where experiences and resources are shared while participants can learn from one another. If you attend the early childhood support group, you’re likely to meet other parents of young children with developmental delays or disabilities, and comfortably learn and share with each other.

PHP’s support groups are FREE. We hope you’ll join us! Learn more about support groups at Parents Helping Parents.