It’s important to know that you are not alone on your journey!

Parents Helping Parents offers many special interest groups intended to help people find others who share their life experiences. Each is a place to get information, reduce feelings of isolation, get and give support, and meet others who understand you and your family. We want to help people build a community of support. Our special interest groups fall into 3 categories:

  • Support groups for PARENTS whose child(ren) have disabilities of all kinds. We have many and they are grouped below by the focus age of children/youth/adults.
  • Sibshops for SIBLINGS, ages 5-12, of children with disabilites. Note – this group is on hold until 2023 when we can hopefully meet in person at the Sobrato Center for Nonprofits in San Jose.
Key things to know about PHP’s special interest groups:
  • Parent support & information groups are FREE. There are nominal costs for our SibShops and BFF events.
  • Parent support group leaders are knowledgeable volunteers who are parents of children with disabilities. The BFF Project and Sibshops are led by professionals and/or PHP staff.
  • Most meet monthly on Zoom.
  • You may find more than one group that sounds interesting. Try them all to find the one(s) that are the most helpful for you and your family.

Special interest groups are only one of the ways to connect to information at Parents Helping Parents. If you live in the Bay Area, contact PHP directly and ask to speak with one of our resource specialists for 1:1 consultations about areas of interest to your family.

Click on the links below to view each group’s webpage and to find their event calendar.