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When you get started at Parents Helping Parents, you can receive critical support and information about your journey with your loved one of any age with any disability. Your concerns will be heard, specific needs will be addressed, options will be presented and considered, and you will receive support and many resources. Use this information to set a course of action to improve the life of your loved one.

PHP staff members, most of whom are parents of loved ones with disabilities themselves, can support you with information based on your child’s disability, diagnosis or concern, age, and grade in school. You can also learn about special education, public benefits, important transitions, assistive technology, and more. Perhaps most importantly, you can connect with other parents and families like yours! Email us any time to get started at Parents Helping Parents!

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Support & Information at any Age

Parents Helping Parents offers many services to support you, your loved one with a disability, and your entire family.

Webinars on specific topics ranging from special education, public benefits, transition to adulthood, and more are held regularly. 1:1 confidential consultation on any topic related to special needs and disability is also available to you.

Parents Helping Parents programs are offered in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Most Parents Helping Parents services free. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

E-Learning Library

The PHP E-Learning Library is here for you anytime, anywhere. We have a robust collection of videos, webinars, and more!

PHP E-Learning videos cover topics on public benefits like SSI, IHSS, and MediCal; the transition to adulthood, parenting topics; special education; assistive technology, and more. We also have a collection of support, coping, and self-care videos. There is also an extensive collection of E-Packets, where you can download information important to you.

Gain the knowledge you need now, at your own convenience, and at your own pace with the PHP E-Learning Library.

Special Education

PHP Education Specialists can provide you with training, information, and support about special education. This includes understanding your rights as a parent/guardian, and your child's rights as a special education student from the ages of 0-22. PHP Education Specialists support families in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties in California.

Learn about your rights and how to get an assessment for special education started. Find out if your child is eligible for special education services. Understand how to deal with conflict in special education. Learn about assistive technology and how it may benefit your child. Call PHP at 408-727-5775 or email to connect with an Education Specialist to discuss your options.

Receive critial information that helps you participate actively in the planning and development of your child's individualized education program.

Get Involved

Share your time, talent, and treasure with Parents Helping Parents! Advocate for disability causes, volunteer at the PHP office, share your expertise, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed! All efforts are valued and no effort is too small!

Thanks for your trust in and support of Parents Helping Parents!