Parents Helping Parents helps with early childhood disability support and services for children aged 0-5.

PHP offers early childhood disability support and services for children aged 0-5. If you are worried about your child’s development, or if your child has a disability or developmental delay diagnosis, the PHP Early Start team can help identify your child’s needs and connect you with resources to make a difference. PHP is dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential and building a bright future for your family.

Information that may be helpful for your family:
Support Groups for families with young children:
  • Early Childhood  – monthly support group led by PHP’s Early Start team for families with kiddos 0-3
  • The Early Years – biweekly parent support group for families with 2-8 year-olds
For ages 0-3

We have created a video series to help you understand what services are available to help you in California, what tools and strategies might help your child if he/she has a delay, and to help you with the transition from Early Start services to Special Education preschool services. These videos and accompanying resource guides can be found on the Get An Early Start Video Series page.

Other information that might be of interest to you:

  • Learn about the Early Start Program for infants and toddlers, click here.
  • Download a list of Developmental Milestones from the CDC, click here.
  • Download the CDC’s Milestone Tracker app, click here.
Would you like to schedule an appointment?

PHP Early Start Resource Specialists can meet with you one on one and help you with valuable information and resources.

  • Concerns about my child’s speech, motor skills, social and emotional development or others?
  • Services and public benefits for infants and toddlers with developmental delays
  • Help with Completing the Early Start Program Intake Forms
  • Questions about your child’s program or IFSP
  • Planning Transition at Age 3, Childcare, Preschool IEP or Regional Center

We are here to help! To request a 1:1 appointment, email [email protected] and include “Early Start Appointment” in the subject line. 

Transition at Age 3

We know it can be a confusing and overwhelming time for you when your child transitions from Early Start services to School-based services at age 3.  Training is offered twice a year about the transition process.  Call us to talk about the process anytime. We can help you prepare for your IEP. You can also watch this video “Transition from Early Start” and download the free resource page below the video.

For ages 3-5

If your child is 3 and over, we will explain the steps needed to start school services from ages 3- 5. We can explain how to request an assessment for special education services (click here for a template letter to your school district). We will explain what assessments are and what they mean. You will learn about assistive technology and how your child may benefit from it.

Parents Helping Parents will help you connect with other families who have children with disabilities. You are not alone on your journey. Together, we will start building a bright future for your child with special needs!