Welcome to our video series, Get an Early Start!

The Get an Early Start video series is designed to help families of young children 0-3, and the professionals who serve them.  Viewers will learn about some simple tools and strategies to use with children who have a disability or a developmental delay. 

These videos also provide information on early intervention services available in California. If you find them helpful, please complete the survey at the end of each video. Thanks to the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities for supporting the Get and Early Start video series.

Topics include:

Typical Language and Literacy Development

Learn about typical language and literacy development, and how to use some easy strategies to encourage your child’s language and literacy. More Language and Literacy resources.

What To Do if Your Child has a Language Delay

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when your child has a language delay. Learn some simple, easy-to-use tools and strategies to help your late talker communicate. More Language Delay resources.

Struggles at Storytime

Try some simple tips and tools to help your 0-3-year-old who struggles with traditional storytime activities. More Storytime resources.

Early Intervention Services in California

When you suspect your infant or toddler has a delay or is diagnosed with a disability, it is important to know all the resources available to help you and your child. Learn about services available in your community and how to access them. More Early Intervention resources.

Transition From Early Start

When a child who is receiving services through Early Start in California turns three, those services, if they are still needed, are transferred to the school system. Learn about this transition and the resources available in California. More Transition from Early Start resources.