Parents Helping Parents can help you navigate community and family services that are available to support you, your loved one of any age with any disability, and your entire family. We understand that raising your loved one with a disability can be confusing and overwhelming.

“I cannot thank you enough for meeting with me and my husband. We felt free to talk openly with you about the many questions that came after our child’s diagnosis. Your patience and understanding allowed me to cry today. It’s here, with you, who get it. “

~ A Proud PHP Parent

PHP Family Resource Specialists are highly knowledgeable in the many community and family services that may be available to you. They can help you navigate these systems of care. 90% of Parents Helping Parents program staff are parents or very close with someone with a disability. We understand.

PHP support includes:

Parents Helping Parents has many webinars, support groups, and online resources for you to get information and support about community and family services. These are led by PHP staff, professionals, and parent volunteers who seek to build communities of support and knowledge.

Parents Helping Parents programs are offered in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.