Parents Helping Parents is here for you from the moment your child first has a suspected or confirmed disability diagnosis. You are not alone during this confusing and difficult time.

Sharing the Journey is a program to help you navigate and understand the complex and emotional process of raising a child with a disability. Connect with other parents going through similar experiences, and work with experienced facilitators to create a plan that will help you, your child, and your entire family thrive during this challenging time.

Sharing the Journey is a 2-part program. To get the full benefit, plan to attend both sessions. 

Sharing the Journey topics include:

  • Navigating parenting children with disabilities while working effectively with professionals like teachers, therapists, doctors, etc.
  • Strengthening your family by accessing services, financial benefits, and community support.

Participation in Sharing the Journey is limited to families who live in Santa Clara County with children ages 0 – 17. Attendance is limited to allow for confidential sharing and discussion. 

Sharing the Journey is offered in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please contact us for more information.

Connect with more parents with similar experiences in PHP support groups, on PHP social media channels, or link up with a mentor parent.

This program is sponsored in part by the CA Department of Social Services, Santa Clara County Child Abuse Prevention Council.