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Supporting PDA families from the bottom up

Jessica Hanzo, MA

Founder and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I am an early childhood mental health consultant and therapist based in Oakland, CA committed to disrupting systems and challenging norms that frequently prevent us from meeting the needs of all children. I believe in supporting families, communities, and schools to think outside the box when traditional approaches aren’t working. With a clinical focus on early childhood attachment, trauma, sensory integration, and consulting within the education system, I view all  challenges within context. I partner with children, families, and providers using a collaborative approach to cultivate environments of safety and support, because I understand that change and growth happen at a systems level.

I am committed to a professional culture and model of care that is neurodiversity-affirming, collaborative, playful and child-centered. At the core of my professional practice is the belief that all children have a right to access education and care that is respectful, safe, and accommodating.

PDA Level Two Certification | Supporting Children, Teens, and Young Adults with Pathological Demand Avoidance