The Parents Helping Parents E-Learning Library
offers critical information for families… anytime, anywhere.

The PHP E-Learning Library includes videos, podcasts, and e-packets on a wide variety of topics to help families caring for a loved one with special needs.  We assembled them in one place to make it easier for you to find the resource you need, now.  They cover topics like special education basics, how to request an assessment from your school district, IEP meeting preparation, and assistive technology. We also have videos on public benefits like SSI, IHSS, and more.

The videos and podcasts are sorted into categories, to make it even easier for you to find what you need, now.  Included is a curated group of “best of” videos and podcasts produced by others that we find valuable.

E-Learning Categories

With the Parents Helping Parents E-Learning Library, you can gain knowledge of the complex educational, legal, social service, and medical systems of care for your loved one of any age, any ability.

You can also download important information on many special educational topics- we call them e-packets.  All PHP e-packets are up-to-date, and we are continually adding new ones. Visit our E-Packet Information Library, fill out a quick form, and the e-packets you choose will be emailed right to you.

Our E-Learning Library is always growing! Check back often for new categories and new content!