Conservatorship and its alternatives are options for the parents to continue supporting the decision-making for their loved one with a disability who becomes an adult.

In California, obtaining conservatorship is a court process in which a judge decides whether or not an individual is able to care for their health, food, clothing, shelter, finances, or personal needs. A judge may take some of these important rights away from them if a conservatorship is granted. A responsible person may be appointed by the judge to make decisions for you. The court calls that person a “conservator.” The court calls you the “conservatee.” Conservatorships are only for persons 18 years of age or older. Alternative to the conservatorship / Supported Decision-Making (SDM) is when you use trusted friends, family and professionals to help you understand situations and choices in your life. It is a way to increase your independence. It encourages you and gives you the power to make decisions about your life as much as possible. SDM is how most adults make daily decisions.

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