Are you interested in learning about Social Security Administration (SSA) programs for people with disabilities? Would you further like to know how to fill out the SSA’s benefits application successfully in order to begin receiving public benefits?

Please join health care and benefits administration expert Daniel Fortuño as he describes how success begins with understanding Social Security Administration (SSA) programs and their eligibility requirements.

In this webinar you will learn:
-SSA relies on the person’s medical records for information about their limitations from their disability, not just a diagnosis
-When SSA asks for current records, it usually means records within the last 6-12 months
-About the two SSA programs for individuals with disabilities
-How to successfully complete the SSA application for the appropriate program

Daniel Fortuño, President CEO of the Benefits Education Center, has over 30 years’ experience in training, counseling, and education in health care and benefits administration. He is highly skilled in interpreting public and private health, as well as public benefits programs, including Social Security, Medi-Cal, and Medicare.

This is a Connections California event. Connections California is a project of Parents Helping Parents – Silicon Valley.