So you need to set up a special needs trust. But, where do you start?

What is the process for special needs estate planning? How do I choose a trustee? What is first-party and third party trust?

In this video, we are discussing everything you need to know about setting up a special needs trust in California. It is important that your special needs trust is set up correctly so that the trust will properly take care of your loved one when you are gone. General estate planning and special needs estate planning are very different. As I explain in the video, is it imperative you hire an attorney that specializes in special needs trust.

00:00 Welcome
1:12 Process of setting up
4:07 How to set up Special Needs Trust
6:20 Importance of Setting up a Special Needs Trust
9:49 Choice of Trustee
11:50 Types of Special Needs Trust
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