Your young adult is over 12 years old, and you’re thinking about life after high school. You’ve heard about the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Regional Center (RC) services, and you’re wondering if it may be appropriate for your youth to become an RC consumer.

Please join a public benefits consultant Jim Huyck as he discusses:
– Regional center services
– Eligibility requirements for the regional center before your youth turns 18 years old
– Preparing for the regional center application

Jim has assisted over 700 families and their loved ones with disabilities as they navigate through various public benefits – including regional centers, SSI, SSDI, MediCal, Medicare, and IHSS.

Before becoming a Public Benefits Consultant, Jim served as Executive Director of Alta California Regional Center in Sacramento, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the California State Department of Rehabilitation, and as Associate Dean of Special Education for the San Diego Community College District.

This is a Connections California event. Connections California is a project of Parents Helping Parents – Silicon Valley.