Many children with LD (learning disabilities) and/or ADHD have coexisting conditions per the American Academy of Pediatrics and the International Dyslexia Association.

In this webinar, Makenzie Wesner, a behavioral and developmental pediatric nurse practitioner, offers an expert and meticulous approach to understanding these diverse and complex behaviors:

  • It is estimated that 30% of those with dyslexia have coexisting ADHD
  • Children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD frequently have motor skills disorder
  • Up to 35% of ­children with ADHD also have oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder
  • 25% of children with ADHD also have an anxiety disorder
  • About 18% of children with ADHD also have mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder

About the presenter: Makenzie Wesner, M.S., R.N., P.H.N., P.N.P.-P.C. is a behavioral and developmental pediatric nurse practitioner at Center for Developing Minds. Makenzie specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with a wide array of challenges such as autism, ADHD, motor-communication disorders, and executive dysfunctions, all among various intellectual and genetic backdrops. She also has training in sensory processing combined with a focus on self-regulation and social thinking development.

The webinar was recorded on October 20, 2021 and was funded by FIRST 5 Santa Clara County.