Are you home with your child who used to have a lot of support from professionals while at school?  Are you struggling with at-home learning?

This webinar will focus on tools and strategies for at-home learning that families can incorporate into everyday life when programs are closed.  The focus is on supports for families with individuals with severe autism and developmental disabilities. The advice is empathetic, this is a stressful time, and there are simple suggestions that are easy to follow.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have been impacted by school and program closures.  As the classrooms and services move online, individuals with special needs who need intensive support and services may be struggling as are their parents.

Download here an incredible resource list, prepared by Jody Wong/AchieveKids, to help with at-home learning.

This Parents Helping Parents webinar was led by guest speakers, Jody Wong and Maria Andrade, from AchieveKids. For over 50 years, AchieveKids has been committed to creating a space for students to achieve the maximum possible self-reliance and quality of life.  They provide special education and mental health services to students with a range of developmental and emotional/behavioral disabilities who are not able to attend a traditional classroom.  Their students range in age from 5-22 and AchieveKids has two Bay Area campuses in Palo Alto and San Jose.

To download the English handout for this webinar, CLICK HERE.
To download the same presentation in Spanish, Mi Hijo/a No Aprende Bien Atravez de la Computadora: Que Puedo Hacer?, CLIC AQUI.