July 17, 2024 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Need to talk to people who understand?

Join us for this support group on Zoom! Parenting a youth/teen/young adult with anxiety and/or mood disorders is never easy. During this unusual time in history, you may need more support than other times…or your family may be in a calmer space due to the shrinking of your child’s world to the smaller, less overwhelming environment at home. Regardless, it’s a great time to connect with other families and share ideas and compassion.

*We are sorry but PHP support groups are only for parents and caregivers. No observers, please.

Most PHP webinars, support groups and services are FREE! We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality online content to families like yours. Please consider making a voluntary donation to help us continue this important work for families raising children with special needs throughout our community! Thank you!


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