June 18, 2024 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Parents of children 0 to 3 years old meet online and connect with others who get it!
We are here for you, we are also raising small ones with developmental challenges.

This support group is coordinated by a PHP Resource Specialist who provides a safe space to encourage communication and directs reflection based on the protective factors framework to keep your family strong: resilience, social connections, understanding of child development, social and emotional development of children, specific support in times of need, and more!

We will be prepared with a topic every month related to the interest of the group, and we can also invite other experienced Mentor Parents or Professionals or Therapists to visit our support group.

These are some topics we will plan and provide you with resources:

  • New Diagnosis and The Stages of Adaptation
  • Milestones tracking and what to do if you have concerns.
  • ST, OT, PT, AT, IEP, LRE! What do all the acronyms mean?
  • Assistive Technology Tools for Inclusion
  • The Early Start Program and the Transition at Age 3
  • Goals and Services for Preschoolers, preparing for the first IEP
  • Communicating with professionals, tools, and collaboration strategies
  • Preventing Challenging Behavior through Positive Parenting Strategies
  • Self-Care Strategies and Tools for Parents and Caregivers

We understand these are busy times for all parents and caregivers, but you are not alone! Connecting with others will make this journey so much smoother.
PHP Support Groups are safe spaces for parents and caregivers to connect, reflect, and talk about the joys and challenges of raising a family. We offer judgment-free zones where we share experiences and resources while learning from one another. You will be able to meet other parents of young children, parents who are starting the journey just like you are, and comfortably learn and share from each other and our expert parent resource specialists who are all raising children with special needs.

Most PHP webinars, support groups, and services are FREE! We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality online content to families like yours. Please consider making a voluntary donation to help us continue this important work for families raising children with special needs throughout our community!
Thank you!

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